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. the reason the strength in the euro has been attributed to worries about the u.s. economy. please, that's just the press being too negative again. it's europe's strength. not u.s. weakness that's driving the currency. the turn in europe is happening so swiftly that u.s. companies just reported beginning to see the strength, only in the mid part of the quarter. that's right, they saw the strength only in mid quarter taking companies so by surprise, they're mostly in disbelief. mostly the gigantic auto companies like ford and gm. they didn't anticipate this turn around. the tech supermarket with business in europe will tell us the same thing when we speak to them later in the show. how much do i believe in this european turn? there are still plenty of skeptics out there, i like that, i am not one of them. my charitable trusts have been buying outsized position in vgk. trust has also bought a ton of ebay, which is the u.s. company this quarter that complained the loudest about european weakness. don't forget the europe's use for google and apple. i am a big believer that this is an importa
started overseas the night before where we've become so used to getting bad news. that's right. before we even opened for trading, you knew it was going to be a good one from the number, 50.3. that's the number china's industrial pmi or its gauge of strength hit last night and the number the eurozone came out with. yup, an odd coincidence. but remember, 50 is the fullcrum. given that we expected contractions with both numbers, the gains, they were instantaneous. more months the worst performing have been the big mining metals because china is knee deep in all of those things. and you know what? for a while they were running lean but they don't need any of this stuff. in fact, the smart money, the hedge managers have been knocking and shorting everything that can possibly be used to build anything in china. that's been going on for months now. doesn't get me wrong, it has been a terrific trade. but when you get any number but particularly this number out of china last night, get out of the way because the pin action, it is phenomenal! caterpillar has been among the worst performing fund in
with what is changed that can make us go down and what's the same, that can allow us to balance when the market pulls back a few %, which is where the current news probably takes. first is syria. we don't know what is going to happen in the middle east, but any time anything happens, you get a real sell off, you have to assume the worst. we have fought two wars and you cannot avoid the possible of a third. and what is happening in egypt, you cannot imagine of anything good. making matters more difficult is that is becoming a cold-war-esq moment. certainly not a side we are backing that we can see eye to eye with. the instability was not leading to anything beyond worry and selling on that worry, now, though, oil is flying. it feels 1990 like. and not knock the market for a loop. it had a genuine bear market. it's not a situation like iraq 1 or 2. americans are tired of war. using poison gas is a war crime, it's the presidential line in the sand. getting ahead of when tmissiles are to be fired is either bravery or foolishness and we do not know which it will be. but the price of oil i
this statement was pretty much the same as the last statement and nothing new and cautioned us it was knee jerk and nothing more. or as i and my buddy will shakespeare, it was signifying nothing. those who merge the wisdom of macbeth with liesman made a killing. a killing, that is, if you sold when we got back to even. okay. now, we know the initial reaction was indeed knee jerk, this tells us that, right? but considering that bonds continue to go down after that rally, sending interest rates ever higher. then there really isn't a lot to celebrate. when rates go higher, whether the fed wants them or not, and i don't think they do after this month's data, it's not a good thing for stocks. it's not, okay. it's not. and people come up with reasons why it is. i've been around too long. i don't like it when rates go up. i like when rates go down. the economy -- if the economy's cooling off from the rate increases, you know, it's not good news unless you got some business that's so strong it's okay. when the economy slows, earnings estimates get cut. when earnings estimates get cut, stocks go lower.
more at lower prices than you ever thought you'd get. using limit orders not market orders. second, if you know what you own, you can handle a stock that plummets -- take facebook. it's a pretty good company. maybe you can buy it on the way down, get a better average. third, if you know that you own what you own, then who really cares about guys like the raj or any of these other guys that are nabbed by the u.s. attorney? what does it mean? if you know what you own, you are in control of your own destiny. but how do you know if you know what you own? in other words, a lot of people think they know what they own. it's not a syllogism, it's a real issue. here's my answer, it's a practical way to look at it. first, say you stop me coming out of the "squawk on the street" post 9:00 one day down on wall street and this happens five or six times every single day. let's say you shout at me and say, hey, cramer, what do you think of that xyz corp.? you know what i do? i say, hey, listen, what do you think? tell me what it does. tell me why you bought it. do you know that the vast majority
effective and a series of treatments can cost over $3,500. they're just not practical for daily use. with dermawand, we've put the same radio frequency technology into a smaller unit with a lower amplitude that's perfect for everyday home use. it's a fraction of the cost and it will tone, tighten, lift and give you the gift of younger-looking skin. in fact, dermawand will take years off your appearance and the best part is, it only takes three minutes a treatment. >> what i do involves a lot with the skin, and it's amazing the difference that i can actually see in patients that have had the dermawand or had this type of treatment versus those that have not. >> now, i'm often asked, "is it too late for my skin?" no, it's never too late. in fact, the worse your skin is, the better you're going to love the results. here's barbara, age 65-- acute, saggy, damaged skin and an unfortunate chin and neck area. now, look at the after. see how the skin appears tightened and under and around the side of the neck and see the new look under her chin? these are the type of results that radio wave
you drink, smoke, or eat or use as a medication. consumer staples like proctor & gamble, general mills, kellogg's, pfizers. these are the classic recession-proof stocks you want to buy when the economy slows down and investors flock to stocks with safe consistent earnings. you don't stop eating food or brushing your teeth because of a recession. so why is the secular versus cyclic cyclical difference so important? why is it the first piece of wall street jargon i'm translating for you? it helps you figure out how much money companies will earn. it matters to the guys that have so much money to throw around that they're buying and selling stocks up and down which is determining where prices go in the short term. it's about when to buy and sell stocks based on how the economies around the world are doing. this is what drives the decision making process. about 50% of any stock's performance comes from its sector which is the segment of the economy a stock falls into. tech, energy, machinery, health care, finances. and when it comes to sectors, much are driven by whether they fall into the
them over. the executive branch decided syrian can't use chemical weapons. we and our allies will have a gulf war. at the moment, it's posed to start today. yesterday the allies started balking, our closest friends, buddy, might not be on board. the people there the prime minister represents, they are off for know now. the market attempts to regain its losses. you base it on the president and the secretary of state came in short and got run over by the peace train. you simply can't gain this particular cross car bus the parties anne aren't able. who would have thought somebody so definite on monday would be oh so indefinite? who can trade off that? how about the gross domestic product? second quarter, initial estimate was 1.7%. kind of anemic. the fed continues buying $85 billion in bond each month. billion in bond each month. a 1.7 growth rate, wants the job growth ben bernanke favors. today we found the number was 2.5%, which is the kind of growth that might make bernanke buy bonds. how about the technic also? how about the technic also? earlier this week, the s&p moved, the forecast
on the show. going over the quarterly reports, reading the transcripts. much of the research that used to be available paying millions of commission can now be found on the web, it's your money. invest the time in it. i think that's a buy and hold act like you're investing for the long-term means you have a license not to pay attention. worry. wrong. you always have to pay attention. you'll never be able to recover from those losses. sometimes, secular decline and their stocks never really recover. in that case, you can't wait for a turn around. you just have to get out before the damage becomes too horrific. just ask the people who wrote out research in motion or nokia or radio shack. in other words, being a long-term investor doesn't give you a license to be a lazy investor. that just doesn't work. investing for the long-term does not mean owning stocks forever. if there's one good thing the crash did it's disamuse the fact that you can buy and hold stocks returning. go ahead. and magically, they will make you money. back to 50 in no time. as long as you don't pay too much attention
in september as in october. >> mike. >> expensive. you can still use them. >> our time has expired. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. >>> my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >>> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to mad money. welcome to kramerica. i'm just trying to make you money. my job is to educate you, call me, 1-800-743-cnbc. investing, it isn't easy. but it can be easier and less daunting with a little instruction. the whole business of managing your money is made much more confusing and difficult because of the terminology and wall street giberrish you hear every day. it is sound like they're speaking a different language. there's an entire industry of people that want you happily convinced that investing is too hard. that regular people can't do it and the safest thing is to give your money to a pro. maybe that's the right thing for some of you but if you put in the effort and do your homework, you can do as well as the prof
. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." i just want to try to make us some money, although i happen to have a few friends with me in the studio tonight. not just to entertain you, but to educate you, so call me. you can base your whole investing philosophy on what the federal reserve might do next. ♪ or you can base it on what stocks will do next. ♪ and i got to tell you, investing in stocks is a heck of a lot easier way to make money than investing in the federal reserve. while so many people seem to hang on the interest rate, some contributed to the bla performance of the averages. nasdaq advancing, it's the stocks themselves that determine whether or not you made money in your portfolio. individual stocks give you plenty of ways to win even as the fed continues to provide positive backdrop with its statement about keeping interest rates unchanged for the foreseeable future. let's talk about the ways people are winning on this, the last day of july. still one more month when the s&p 500's had a huge gain, up more than 5%. completing a vicious mocking o
in a ally? what's next, is cramer going to draw us a diagram explaining how to walk and chew gum at the same time? "mad potty training"? who needs help when the dow is up 200 points in a day? who needs help even better during a multiday run, a real buyfest? do you really need my advice to help you deal with what huge profits you might have? do we maybe in cramerica buy into stock sage biggie smalls' theory of mo money mo problems? absolutely not. but knowing how to approach a rally the right way can definitely make you a better investor p you have to have a game plan for rallies. and for those of you you who've had your portfolios trashed so many times in the last two decades making sure that doesn't happen again, rebuilding your wealth on a sound basis, that's as important as it gets. sure, everybody makes money who is long, who owns stocks, in a big rally. right? i mean, it can feel like your portfolio's running itself. you don't have to pay any attention to it. but i'm not here tonight to talk about how to make the most possible money when the market is up big. honestly, i could care less
. that means all the precious gains in the stock market, they'll be for nothing. you'll either have to use that money to pay your hospital bills or support yourself while being unemployed and injured because you didn't have health or disability insurance. you have to pay off your credit card debt, get health and disability insurance, the last two are offered by many good employers in this country. you have no excuse for not getting them if you also can't afford to own stocks. these are more than just items on a personal finance to do list. they are essential elements in your strategy for capital preservation. we like capital appreciation, buying stocks that go up, capital preservation, preserving that wealth. again, all i'm saying there is i can help you buy the right stocks. but we must always acknowledge that capital preservation comes first. because you need to protect your money in the present if you want to grow it in the future. normally talk about moving into certain kind of assets as part of a plan. that's like defensive stocks, consistent earnings, stocks with big dividends and lo
. and with over 50 million new and used cars sold in this country last year, well, i see big opportunity with the car cash brand, and i want a piece of it. if jonathan and andrew follow my lead, i will turn this place around and make it profitable again. >> good, right there is good. thank you. >> hello, good morning, warren. hi, this is malissa from 1-800-carcash, carcash.com. [dog yipping] >> hello? >> oh, hi! >> hey! how are you? >> hi, marcus. >> i'm marcus. >> hi, i'm andrew. >> andrew, nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. this is murphy. >> where's your brother at? >> he's right in here. oh. >> good morning. >> marcus. >> i'm marcus. >> it's a real pleasure. thank you so much. >> nice to meet you. so, i want to get a little quick tour. >> right here, we're in the buying office. >> okay. >> when we buy the vehicles, we sit the customers here. this is where we negotiate all the deals. >> where do you sit, then? right there? >> yeah, they sit here, we sit behind the desk. >> wow, okay. i like the mascot. >> yeah. >> he's awesome. how many square feet do you have in total? >> uh, i t
. it uses natural gas and nat gas liquids to make plastic. wynn resorts finds itself on the list. wynn is the casino gambling destination for chinese. humana is up there. just like cigna. go figure. i don't think it was the intent. we've got an electric, eclectic list here. eclectic, electric list of chemicals, hard goods, insurance companies, casinos, oil and gas, dollar store, shippers, biotech, defense and entertainment. to me that's the real take away, the exercise. we may not have finished up today. we may not even be able to transcend a sudden potential air strike in syria. before the secretary of state spoke about syrian transgressions the market was still chugging along to the positive. here's the bottom line. you can't hate a market that has so many disparate groups and descendants. there's too many stocks to believe that like many people i talk to this rally is on its last legs. it's on different legs. maybe unsteady ones now. ones that can provide a basis for the up move. jordan in georgia. jordan. >> caller: booyah, jim. i bought first day of trading. watched it drop like a
money. my job is not just to educate, but to teach. call me. i'm using my pulpit here on "mad money" to preach to all accesses when it comes to investing. it's the sin, the sin of arrogance. when you own stocks, you got to be humble. although, people recognize that humility doesn't come naturally to everyone. you have to recognize you will be wrong perhaps often. as the past few years have taught you, a painfully, your portfolio will get hit with things you never saw coming. things you never imagined, let alone thought were possible. who would have thought we had to worry about sipry ought banks what about abanomics. and one thing to be sure when you put a portfolio together is that at some point something will go wrong and it will hit you totally out of left field. that's why dit's so important t prepare for the next unexpected catastrophe, so you can make money in any market, or not lose as much as the other i go, because sometimes things don't go smoothly. how do we get ready for a calamity that we don't know what it will look like? one word. it is not hallelujah. but i always pl
. today was, indeed, a bright red day. let's go through the information that the market uses to determine prices on any given day. because i want you on the same page as me understanding this stuff. first is what we call the macro, that's broad sense of economic data that trig ter reaction of the stockmarket and the much bonger bond market. on thursday at 8:30, we get those jobless claims. they were the lowest in six years. not so fast. it's good for the economy. but it's not necessarily good for the stock. what happens when we get good macro news like these jobless rates? immediately, interest rates go higher. you have to borrow more money when things are improving? interest rates reached a high t. key government treasury, we call the bellwhether bond, a term that's from the bell around the neck of the ram that leads this sheep flock shot up to 2.76%, a 30-84 bond, flew up to 3.8%. both of these levels signify important increases that have historically caused a slowdown in future business. but you might ask, isn't the fed supposed to be stopping the process? isn't the fed supposed to be
it be the sell-off, remember the sequestration scare and u.s. bond downgrade, oh, scary t. jet ceiling debacle. take a look. the market got clobbered then. the '87 crash. yes, i'm that old. 9-11, for that matter, panic has been not smart. in all those cases, what was broke was buying, in many cases it worked big. the only time the panic made sen was to sell in 2008, because the financial system was, indeed, on the brink of collapse. that's when you had to take it off the table. that was the systemic crisis, people, not a systemic crisis. so panic made plenty of sense, which is why i told you to sell. then i went on "the today show" back in october of 2008. >> what is your advice today? >> okay okay. whatever money you may need for the next five years, please, take it out of the stockmarket right now. >> yep. when the whole system was in jeopardy, the only time since the great depression, buying actually hurt you, stocks just kept falling and falk. it was a good call. so you never got a chance to unload the merchandise you bought on the dip at a higher price. is the only time. one instance, onc
%, four straight days down for the dow. i have to admit i've liked google at $85 a share and used a $200 price target that first day, something that raised eyebrows pretty much everywhere as way too wide eyed. but i've always been the big believer in buying what you know. and use, of course, after doing the homework. and this stock seemed ridiculously cheap to me from the get go. one of the reasons why stems from the way google did the ipo in a confusing public option, not the typical road show managed by big wall street. and it depressed the price that the company would've otherwised received. the second reason i like google, of course, the best innovation that the web has brought us. save perhaps amazon and netflix. probably on it two dozen times today and that's par for the course. plus, i have to tell you that while the stock has been acting funky of late, although today was a rare exception, the stock rallied nicely, google has never truly recovered from what was thought to be a disappointing quarter. this last quarter wasn't that terrible, it's just that wall street analysts have b
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of investing. even longer and that's something i think i can teach you how to do using the disciplines back in my old hedge fund. however, there's a darker side to this concept. all too often, i've seen people invoke -- an excuse for performance or not paying attention. you'll make back the money you're losing with long-term gains. it's not just a big joke. but most of the time, most of the time losing money month after month or year after year just isn't a good recipe for making money over the long-term horizon. if you just wait long enough like so many think they do. yes, money making over the long haul is the only -- if i become the only excuse for short-term losses or thinking. that will only make you a worse investor, allegedly long-term alibis that you can fix over the years. where do these sirens lead you astray? at what point do you need to cover your ears? that you won't listen to the conventional wisdom and spill your portfolio on to the shoals. long-term investment is not the same as owning stocks for the long-term. don't confuse good investor with buy and hold or as i skeptly du
. the group at best is resting. don't count on it to take us higher. as everything housing and housing related gone bad here? that one-time leadership group the one that came in smoking hot, chopping, losing pudding by the deck. the home builders protest too. by the end, we need to have more knowledge of how business has been since the mortgage rates at two-year highs. i bet there are many buy worries walked away, cancellations jumped across the board. related retailers are all stalled, too, how high can they go? we get some retail numbers this week for both gap and costco, two stockings owned by charitable trust. geeze, they beat the heck out of them. pretty fine numbers. let's hope that's not a harbinger of things to come. j.c. penney, anything i'm beth on the wrong side on those. i'm not giving up on the group. brinker, chipotle, starbucks, they have been strong. you know i think panera is a buy. it's battling back. rebo under. the oil stenly hadn't made a jump. exxon is still loo eder. you can't follow that anywhere other than dow. they wait for occident am to break up. in terms of growth,
can use four times less. charmin ultra soft. >>> my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to try to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you a little money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. today i want to talk to you about the big picture about building wealth in general. not just owning individual stocks, not that i mind that because stocks are just one part, absolutely the most important one but one part of building real wealth. not just living off your paycheck. there's some people -- call them the 1% if you want -- who can make enough from their ordinary day-to-day income to become truly rich or for the vast majority of americans, the paycheck, it's simply not enough to get you there! you need to augment it. if you keep watching, i'm going to tell you how to do just that, not just for the
used to wear the tight shirts, the shirts that you gotta button up through the middle. got velcro on it. no, i'm just joking man. i don't want no trouble. i'm here to have a good time. we're here for a purpose. plus you're a big dude. i don't want you comin up here. you run up here if you want to i got a baloney sandwich in my pocket. i'll set it yeah you gotta make a decision. is that baloney? forget him. everybody that has some credit problems, keep your hands up. i want to get the camera. is there anyone here that don't have problems with credit? we want you to leave. you can just get on out of here. this don't make no sense. well, what kind of problems are we having? i mean, you guys can open up to me. we're here tonight to have a little fun with it. you having some problems, big man? well man, look here man, i told you my credit was broke down and my car broke down with my credit and my credit scores jack. i got liens and loans and i got child support too. that's enough. you done told me enough. listen, even in your situation, sign & drive for 45 is here for you. that's right
of an improving company fall, or the stock of a deteriorating company rise. these days, many investors say you use exchange traded funds, etfs, to get exposure to entire sectors. some of these etfs allow them to buy or sell with a ton of leverage, giving them triple or double the buying power of the bank. this proliferation of etfs means that some stocks in the sector can trade in lockstep with each other. the good moving in complete tandem with the bad, and a business sector has always been an important determinant of a stock's performance. if a stock is a house, then it's sector is the neighbor. and nobody needs a good house in a lousy neighborhood. >> the house of pain. >> the house of pleasure. >> but these days, the influence of these etfs has been, for those of us trying to discern the wheat from the chaff, and have made this sector more important than ever when it comes to the day-to-day action in the stock, too important. plus, you have the high-frequency traders who can hijack an entire market, causing massive across-the-board moves that make no sense from the fundamental -- from the pers
... this is the thing that will help us go from the red to the black in one month. before this business crumbles and dozens of employees are out on the street. you don't know how to manage this place. >> well...[blathers] >> my name is marcus lemonis, and i fix failing businesses. i want 25%. you're gonna make a decision now. i make tough decisions... you're being demoted. back them up with my own cash. it's not always pretty. get your ass back here right now. this is business. i do it to save jobs, and i do it to make money. this is the profit. [upbeat music] ♪ jacob maarse florists is a pasadena institution. for 52 years he was the go-to florist. the business made millions supplying flowers for presidential inaugurations, celebrity events, and the annual rose bowl parade. when jacob died in 2010, his son hank took over the business. it's been a very tough transition. hank has struggled to lead. >> there'll be some growing pains. um... so, well, first of all, i'm on the top, i'm the president, i'm the owner. >> just three years later, revenue is down and those profits have turned into losses.
.c. penneys. they let you wager and then they make us money. plus, unlike the nfl, these gentlemen actually let you share in their success. they let you wager on their performance legally and then they make us money. simply because we're along for the ride as shareholders. i say let's give them a hand. nate in ohio. nate? >> caller: how you doing, jim? >> what's up, partner? >> caller: not a whole lot. just a quick question. tsx, i'm pretty much a brand new investor about six months ago i bought dsx and then after a little while, just i didn't like what i was seeing with it. recently, i'm liking what i'm seeing. what are you thinking? >> i said it's for real. i said the turn's for real in diana. i think world trade is picking up. mayers reported good numbers last week. i think diana's move is for real. let's go to -- most don't believe that, by the way. let's go to john in florida, please. john? >> caller: hey, how you doing, jim? >> not bad, john. how are you doing? >> caller: oh, pretty good. thanks for everything you do. >> thank you. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. jim, i'm cal
thing. i used to say when you're 50s, push 50% bonds. no more. interest rates are way too low. what i need you to do is find some conservative stocks, that give you a good yield. and shift over time from the high growth stocks. and then i think you will be able to pick up some income and do well. rick in arizona. rick? >> caller: hello, mr. cramer. how are you? >> real good. how are you? >> caller: great, sir. i have a couple of young children. i'm trying to get them started in investing. the question i have is what advice and what are the most essential items or ideas of investing concepts do people need to know when they start learning about the market and investing themselves? >> the first thing they need to know is what they own. the idea behind that is to own things like disney. it's why i always tell people start with disney. domino's pizza. mcdonald's if you like mcdonald's. go to the mall. go to costco. go to places that you're familiar with. read the annual. buy a share. one share. get him or her involved. get them started early. teach your kids about the market. it is a very
of a slogan. a slogan many of us are familiar with. macy's has everything. and today for first time in four years macy's reported sales and earnings that were disappointing. and the company's too good, too well run with to good of a breadth of merchandise not to worry about the short fall. and from the looks of it, not a lot of everything selling. this's the last thing we want to hear. my current thing, we're losing the leadership by the day. we know every citizen, remember the spike at the two-year high, the housing market, they're nowhere to be seen on the new high list. they're more likely to be found hovering near the low list giving up hard fought gains. i know mortgage gains are up from historic lows and housing is more affordable than in 2006, but not enough anymore, people. there are many sectors that depend on housing for oomph and it's within them. we have had terrific runs. many applies as paints, woods, mortgage insurers, any further increases in mortgage rates and this're that -- they're only a hair's breath from going higher. no wonder we saw -- still more things and even stan
forward, tell us what's wrong. tell us what's happening? why can't someone from the government express outrage at something that's outrageous? i have a thought about why these things occur. it's not that the system is too complicated, it's obvious that's the case. no, my theory is this. many professionals have become inured to this kind of nonsense. they say, look it comes with the territory. they shrug their shoulder, throw up their hands, well too bad. well, it is too bad. and you shouldn't shrug your shoulders, but there's no sense of outrage anymore. no one gets shaped or outed, no one loses his job. just like in the facebook ipo disgrace. that's not the way it should be. i'm not calling for a show trial, a kangaroo court or star chamber. we need to investigate what's going on, that these things keep happening and the government has to take action behind the systems which are so fragile that these things keep happening again and again. the s.e.c. has to represent the regular guy, who is being hurt not helped by this. the s.e.c. has to recognize that the playing field, so levelled b
trading. it's down hideously this year over questions about how doctors are using the company's product. i don't have much comment other than you should read my colleague herb greenberg's stuff on cnbc.com. he has nailed this issue nine ways to sunday. i never go against a greenberg red flag and today -- in this one is no different. salesforce.com is the eighth best performer and we know from the ceo's multiple appearances on the show that the 1,341% gain the fact that crm has pioneered using social, mobile and cloud technologies to become the premier software company of our era at a time when all areas are innovating. i do not think things have changed. the last stock that's beaten google's 900% gain is capital oil and gas which has rallied. it's been the most prolific producer from the largely pennsylvania-dominated field and a low cost producer of the fuel. it's been able to beat estimates routinely as natural gas has gone down over the years. consider cabot an innovator, more success than any other resources company during the period since google came public. so here's the bottom line,
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